Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions


A booking is binding once we have agreed on a date and both JaRo Guiding and the Guest confirms the reservation by email or phone. Note that an unconfirmed reservation is not valid.

Cancelations of tours

A cancellation is free of charge until 14 days before the tour. After that, the guest will be charged a administration fee of 50 €.

If the guest cancels less than 24 hours before the departure, the guest will be charged half the tour cost.

If no cancellation is done prior to the tour and the guest does not show up, the guest will still have to pay full price.

Exempt from cancellation policy is force majeure. In case of things like sudden illness, serious accidents, extreme weather or similar the guest will be offered a full refund or a new tour at a later time. However, the guest may be required to demonstrate force majeure.

Should the guide fail to show up at a tour or for some reason not be able to complete the tour the guest will be offered a new tour or a full refund.

If the tour is canceled after payment has been made, the guest will be refunded according to the specifications above. Note that JaRo Guiding will not pay any transfer fee charged by your bank.

3rd party cancelations
Cancelation of accomodation are done according to the accomodation facilitys cancelation rules.

Terms of cancelation may vary for indirect bookings, such as bookings through travel agencies and fishingbooker. Contact you booking service for their cancelation policy.


Due to the nature of the tours offered by JaRo Guidng delays may occur due to various external factors. JaRo Guiding will inform the guest of any delays as soon as possible and at least 30 minutes before thet start of the tour. If the tour is delayed by more than one hour the guest can cancel the tour for a full refund.

If a guest is late for a tour, the delay will be deducted from the normal tour time.


On any boat trips, all guests are required to use a life jacket or similar device. The guide provides all participants with life jacket, but it is also allowed to use your own flotation aid provided it is at least class 50N.

All participants who are under 18 years old must have a responsible adult with them on the tour.

Guests are allowed to consume alcohol during the tour. But if the guide determines that a guest gets so drunk that it poses a safety risk, the tour will be discontinued immediately and without any refund.

If a guest behaves in a manner that jeopardizes the safety of the guest, other guests, guide, or the public, or otherwise fail to follow the guide's instructions, the tour will be discontinued immediately and without any refund.


Should a guest intentionally or due to carelessnes damage, destroy or lose equippment belonging to JaRo Guiding they will be requred to pay for the damaged or lost equippment.

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