Useful information about fishing in Norway

Fishing in the ocean requires no licence or special permit

You are allowed to bring a maximum of 10kg of fish out of Norway per person every week, if you are staying on a registered fishing camp and report your catch you are allowed 20kg per person and week. Fjordcamp is a registered fishing camp, so all our guests wo stay there are allowed 20kg of fish per person.

You are NEVER allowed to sell fish from Norway without a special licence.

Minimum sizes

A lot of species have minimum sizes, here are a few important ones:

Cod 44cm

Redfish 32cm

Plaice 27cm

Trout 30cm

Halibut 80cm maximum 200cm

(Halibut over 120cm are not suitable for human consumption due to environmental toxins accumulating over time.)

Complete list can be found HERE (in norwegian)

Fish below the minimum size shall be treated and dehooked gently, and if possible released back into the ocean.

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