Wir bieten Ihnen eine grosse Auswahl an unterschiedlichen Angel Erlebnissen fueür jedes Alter und jede Erfahrungsstufe an. Wir passen unsere Touren immer an die Jahreszeit und Ihre persönlichen Wüensche an, um Ihre Chancen zu erhöhen, (die passenden) Fische zu fangen. Kontaktieren Sie uns gerne, wenn Sie mehr Informationen haben möchten, oder wissen wollen, welche Tour die richtige füe Sie ist.

In allen Touren sind das Boot, der Guide, das Angelzubehör, Trinkwasser und die nötige Sicherheitsausrüestung enthalten. Ganztagesausflüge beinhalten ausserdem ein mitgebrachtes Mittags- oder Abendessen.

Fjord Fishing

This tour is done mainly inside the fjords and can be done in almost any weather. The most common species on this tour are: cod, coalfish, mackerel, cusk and ling. Species like halibut, pollock, haddock, wolffish, whiting and redfish are also relatively common.

Half day and full day available

This tour is suited for both beginners and experienced fishermen.

Species Hunt

On this tour we aim to catch as many different species of fish as possible. The tour is done mainly inside the fjords in shallow water and along cliffs. There are so many species of fish in the Norwegian ocean that you just don’t know what you might catch. It can also be a fun competition with friends to see who can catch the most species.

Half day or full day available

The tour requires some fishing experience.


Deep sea fishing with heavy rods and lures out on the open ocean where the truly large fish live. The fishing is mostly aimed for redfish, large cod, large coalfish and halibut. Other species can also be caught.

Half day and full day available

This tour is sensitive to weather and is recommended primarily for more experienced fishermen.

Sea Fishing For Kids

Bring the kids out on a short fishing trip inside the fjords. We use small rods suitable for children and light lures aiming to catch medium to small fish. The tour takes 2-3h and every child has to be accompanied by an adult.

The tour is suitable for families with kids with or without fishing experience.

Crab Fishing

The crab tour goes out in the afternoon to deploy the pots, then we retrieve them the following morning. Freshly boiled crab for lunch is included in the tour. The area has a huge population of crab that comes in from the deep sea in autumn.

The tour is suitable for everyone.

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