JaRo Guiding provides several variations on fishingtours.

The fishing tours starts on Eckerö

Transfere can be arranged

Standard tours are:

Kids fishingtrip with guaranteed catch approx 1h

A tour mainly for kids from 3-10 years old, but older kids and adults with little to no fishing experience are also welcome. Fishing is done from land with simple rods that anyone can learn to use with ease. No prior experience is needed. And as long as you follow the guides instructions I guarantee that you will catch fish, and if you don't, the tour is free.

Kids are reqired to be accompanied by at least one adult per 3 children.

Evening approx 3h

A short tour that mainly targets pearch, pike and trout in the nearby area, all depending on the season and the wishes of the guest. A soda or water and a sandwich are included in the price.

Half day approx 6h

A slightly longer tour, and with more time comes the possibility to explore more places and places that are further away. Included in the tour is a light lunch or dinner and coffe or tea + a sandwich and a soda or water.

Full day over 9h

The tour for those who really love fishing. This tour means spending pretty much all day in the boat. This allows for many hours of fishing and the possibility to explore pretty much any place on the licencearea. The tour includes a light lunch, dinner, sandwich and coffe/tea/soda/water with the food.

Salmon Trolling 6h and 9h

During may and june, the sea of Åland is one of the best areas in Scandinavia for salmon trolling. JaRo Guiding offers 6h and 9h trips that include everything. Lunch and/or dinner, equippment, a big boat and all the saftey equiippment needed for a day out on the ocean. And with a bit of luck you could catch sme of the oceans silver. Fishes at about 8-10kg are common, and fish over 20kg are caught every year in the area.

All tours include all the required equippment.

Prices are avalible HERE

No alcoholic beverages are included in any tour.

You are however allowed to bring your own alcoholic beverages if you wish. (see terms and conditions for more info on alcohol)

I can also make custom arrangements if anyone so desire. Send an email or call if you want a custom arrangement and we will see if it is feasible.

Other information on fishing

We fish mainly at Eckerökortet license water. And we follow the rules there, and everyone must have a fishing license. We can also fish in other waters, but then the guest must also acquire a fishing license for those waters. Kids fishing trip and salmon trolling does not require a fishing licence.

General rules and minimum sizes.

Fishing permits are available HERE (only in swedish)

Or you can buy a fishing license from me at the start of the tour. A day pass costs 10 € and has to be paid in cash.

Map of Eckerökortet and some other areas around Åland.

Note that ion all of Åland it is forbidden to use spinning and any fishing with a lure from land from 15.4 until 15.6. This does not apply to fishing in freshwater.

During the same period, many spawning grounds are protected, and therefore it may be hard to fish for pike and perch during this time.

It is during a tour allowed to kill and bring home fish. But only if they are of minimum size for species that have minimum size. And pikes over 5 kg and perch over 0,5kg must be returned.

It is not allowed to take more than one fish from the salmon family and 2 pikes per angler. Other species have no quota, but you may never take more than one can eat yourself. Selling fish caught with the tourist fishing license is prohibited.

Note that killed fish must be recovered, and during the summer, the guests who wish to bring home fish will need a cooler bag or equivalent since the fish spoils very quickly in the summers heat. During the salmon fishing tours, a cooler will be provided.

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