Useful info before the tour

Useful Information

Before one embarks on one of our tours there are some things you should know. So please read this list before your trip so we can avoid unpleasant surprises.


Some of the tours are weather sensitive. Especially the tours that includes transportation by boat. Strong winds and thunderstorms are a significant dangers at sea and tours can be canceled because of this. But otherwise we dress according to weather.


There's always some risk when moving outdoors, and therefore I always have first aid with me on the tours and I am trained in both first aid in terrain and CPR. People who have illnesses or allergies that may be urgently life-threatening should have their own equipment in case of an emergency, especially since it is often far to medical attention. If you do not have a private accident insurance, there is a included in the tours. (See terms and conditions for details)


Smoking is allowed during the tours. However, the person who smokes must be careful so ashes or embers do not end up on the ground, it may cause a forest fire. And the smoker must have with them a fireproof container for cigarette butts and no butts can under any circumstance be thrown in nature during a tour.


It is very important that the tour does not spread waste in nature. Therefore, the guide will always have a container for trash, any Garbage produced during the tour has to either be placed in this container or otherwise taken along for proper disposal.


Unless otherwise stated all the necessary equipment is included in the tour. However it can be fun to have some extra things sometimes. Good examples are: Binoculars, monocular/magnifying glass, camera, notebook and sunglasses.

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