All prices below include tax and fees when applicable. All prices are in euro.

Fishing trips

Fjord Fishing

4h: 250€ for 1-2 people or 500€ for 3-4 people

8h: 450€ for 1-2 people or 700€ for 3-4 people

Deep Sea Fishing

4h: 300€ for 1-2 people or 550€ for 3-4 people

8h: 500€ for 1-2 people or 750€ for 3-4 people

Species Hunt

4h: 300€ for 1-3 people

8h: 500€ for 1-3 people

Mackerel Trolling

200€ for 1-4 people

Crab Fishing

350€ or 1-4 people

Sea Fishing For Kids

200€ for 2-4 people, minimum one adult and one child.

Nature experiences are priced on request


Boat Rental
Day: 240€

Renting fishing equipment

The price is for rod, reel, line, leader and 5 lures.

Day: 20€

Week: 60€
Lost lure: 10€

Extra leaders, hooks, lures, tackels and such can be bought on site.

Gaff hook, pliers, knife and fish barrel are included as one set per boat.

For pricing on accommodation see

Their prices are in NOK (1€ is about 10NOK)