Guided nature tours


JaRo Guidingoffers a selection of standard tuors aswell as custom tours.


Boat tours start on Eckerö

Trensfere can be arranged


Snake excurtion (3-4h maximum 4 guests)

We go out by boat to one of the more snakerich islands in the arcipelago where we will explore the island on lookout for snakes and other interesting organisms. Commonly found snakes are Grass snakes and the common european viper, and if you are lucky we might fins the much more reare smoth snake, wich is fairly common on the Åland Islands. The tour includes a light snack and something to drink. For this tour you need to be able to walk slowly in varying terrain.


Islandtrip (aprox 2h maximum 4 guests)

Go by boat to an uninhabited island in the archipelago where you can explore the fantastic nature with an experienced guide. In the tour a light snack and something to drink is included. And you need to be able to move around slowly in easy terrain.


Naturephotography for beginners (3-4h maximum 4 guests for archipelago and maximum 8 guests on the main island.)

Tis tour is for those who have recently bough a systemcamera ow would just like to try out naturephotography with a proper camera. There is one camera to borrow, so a group wil have to share, and you need to bring an SD-card so you can bring your pictures with you. (a 4GB card is enogh for abour 300 pictures) The tiur can be done in any of the inviroemts on the Åland islands.


Seabird excurtion (4-6h maximum 2 guests)

On this very special tuor we go out to an islands where we put up a blind and decoy birds, just like in traditional birdhunting. This usally bring in the birds really close whitout stressing the animals. This is by far the best way to get really close to some of the amazing seabirds that live out in the archipelago. Birds that we often se are Eider, Velvet scooter, tufted duckd, goldeneyed duck, common merganser, redbreasted merganser, mallards, cormorons and many more.

In this trip there is a light meal included.

For this tour clothes with neutral coloring such as grey, brown, beige or dark green are recomended.


I can also offer tours tailored to your wishes, just e-mail or call me and we can discuss your reqests.