log Tables


I manufacture handmade log tables. A default log table is 2 meters long with two benches. Tables are available both with and without a roof.


Tables without a roof are manufactured from 100% wood. No nails or screws, only logs with plug and wedge. As standard, the tables are untreated but I can also offer tables which are treated with linseed oil or Pinotex in any color available. The material used is local pine or spruce for the tables and the round rod of an equivalent material. And plug holes are treated with tar to prevent rotting.


Other specialized tables can be built as desired.


Apart from log tables I also manufactured log benches, both with and without backrests.


The tables are constructed on site, and delivery on Åland are included. And for an extra fee I can transport them to the municipals not directly attached to the local road network, or to islands and places without roads can also be arranged.