All the prices include salestax 11% for fishingtrips + transferes and 24% for everything else



Kids fishingtour: 50€ for 2-8 people (a maximum of 5 people can do fishing at any given time)

Evening tour: 155€ for 1-3 people, 300€ for 4-7 people

Half day tour: 275€ for 1-3 people, 450€ for 4-7 people

Full day tour: 425€ for 1-3 people, 600€ for 4-7 people

Salmon trolling 6h: 500€ for 2-7 people

Salmon trolling 9h: 650€ for 2-7 people


Turs for 1-3 people can fit one extra person, but maximum 3 people fishing at any time. 1 extra costs 20€ for the half day and 40€ for the full day.


Special arrangements or tours with more people are priced on request.



Priced are for maximum 6 people, transfere for more people can be arranged.

All the prices are for transfere to and from the tour, one way transfere is half the price.

Within Eckerö: Free

Hammarland: 30€

Mariehamn, Jomala and Finström: 50€

The rest of mainland Åland: 70€


Transfere are only done to and from activities done by JaRo Guiding.



Archipellago tour: 20€/person (min 60€)*

Snake excursion: 125€ for 1-4 people

Island excursion: 80€ for 1-4 people

Naturephotography for beginners: 100€ 1-8 people (125€ and 1-4 people for archipelago)

Seabird Excursion: 200€ 1-2 people

Rent-a-Guide: 40€ for the first hour and 20€ per started hour after that.


*tours with less than 3 people cost 60€, and the tour takes a maximum och 7 people.



Table with two benches: 300€

Table with bences and metal roof: 550€

Table with bences and shingle roof: 600€


Large table with benches: 500€


Tables are assembled on site and delivery is included for every place on Åland with a permanen roadconection. Deliveries to places whitout roadconection, arcipellago areas ans islands can be done for an extra fee.


Basic logbench: 100€

Bench with backrest: 175€


Benches are delivered on Eckerö or can be picked up at Eckerö or Mariehamn.


Special products are priced at request.