How To Act

Things to hink about


Do not shower or wash your face in the morning. This will remove your skins natural oils wich protects you from frostbite. Showering should be done just before bedtime.


Going outside with wet hair can be really bad, so make shure your hair s properly dry before heading outside.


Facecreams and mekaup should be avoided. Any waterbased product on the face is a quick way to get frostbite. And oilbased products should be used with caution. A good lipbalm is however recomended.


Sitting still will reduce your bloodflow and make you colder. Just standing up will make a big differance, and if you still get cold physical activity will warm you up. Pushups, running and jumping jacks are good ways of keeping the heat up.


Getting overheated. When you got your winterclothes on it is easy to get overheated and start sweating, this will cool you down. So as soon as you are dressed you should go outside.


Overcramming your shoes with socks. Adding more socks will not help if your shoes are full of socks, it will actually make you colder.


Alcohole will make you feel warmer, but it will also increase the risk for hypothermia, use with caution.



If you still get frostbite after these precautions, it is very important that you do NOT rub it. Rubbung a frostbite could give you a scar for life. What you should do is to place a hand over the affected area and just let it warm up whitout rubbing. If handled correctly a frostbite will cause no long-term effects.